My first impressions of the Canon Rebel T3i…

I put this new purchase through non-essential motions yesterday as a third angle camera at a wedding at Church Landing in NH. I enjoyed having a smaller camera but geez…it just isn’t the best video camera. It made me look longingly back at my other two dedicated video cameras that were doing their job on tripods. I will be able to use the footage for sure, but a stabilizer device is definitely needed for future gigs. The still pictures rock from this thing though. Such an improvement over my little point and shoot. The problem now? Deciding which lens to purchase next…I feel an addiction coming on.

And don’t forget the dads this week…Happy Father’s Day!


And extra post for good luck…

Since I’ve been absent from the blog front for ummmm…2 years?!? Crazy. But here is what I’ve been immersed in for the last month. Boys, baseball, and a road trip to a fun family wedding. Congrats Brandon and Erica!

June is here!

I’m looking forward to an elegant wedding affair with Signature Events and Amy Piper area this weekend. I cannot emphasize the importance of having a great wedding planner. She (or maybe he) knows the ins and outs of planning a wedding and is well worth the money. Figure out how much time it would take you yourself to do all the tasks, how much you would pay yourself per hour and calculate the cost, not to mention the stress. Then do yourself a favor and call a wedding planner! Even if you have great personal style, your planner can incorporate all those personal touches and wrangle all your vendors too.

Forecast says rain….fingers crossed for sun for this wedding weekend!