New Email…

Hi Everyone:
Hot day in the Mount Washington Valley today. I gave my computer and myself a break so I could hide in the basement where it is about 20 degrees cooler.

Thinking on the business alot lately. I am so glad to be able to do what I do. It has enabled me to remain creative in a professional sense and also has allowed me to be a full-time mom during the weekdays for my two young boys. Hanging with kids is one of the best things I can imagine. I laugh everyday…and appreciate those small moments that otherwise would have gone unnoticed if I were rushing around an office. I am very grateful.

If I could name a couple things about my business that have been the focus so far this year, it is has been 1.) working on the business end of things a bunch more (networking and marketing) and 2.) researching the latest in stabilization gear. For stabilization, it is a fine line between getting a very cool money shot and appearing like Robocop. I think I have found a good balance (pun intended) with a shoulder mount stabilizer by DVTec called the MultRigPro. Clickety here to check it out. Also, for reception detail shots, I am considering purchasing the DP Slider DP Slider. So many things to invest in…sigh. Can’t wait to incorporate this gear into the setup.