Black Fly Advice for New Hampshire Weddings

Today was the first day that I was beaten back indoors by black flies.  The sun was out, there was even a breeze, but there was no true escape from the little buggers unless you had a roof over your head.  Brides and their “to-be’s” of choice are heading up to experience the Mount Washington Valley’s natural beauty as I write, unknowingly signing off on their pound of flesh for the bugs.

Here are the rumors on repelling those which can’t really be repelled.

  • Waving a sappy pine branch over your head.  Not too practical for brides, but it is said that the smellier the branch the better.
  • DEET doesn’t work and it might actually attract black flies.  I avoid this product because it melts plastic – not good for cameras equals not good for you or your family.
  • Avoid areas that have lightly running streams…black flies hatch in running water.  Mosquitoes prefer stagnant pools.
  • Black flies prefer dark colors.  Lucky brides, unlucky grooms.  If you must wear dark, try a lighter top, darker bottoms with the cuffs tucked in (the 1980’s revisited).  The dark color below will pull the flies away from your head, their favorite spot to bite.
  • Black flies prefer nice, warm, sunny days with no wind.  So do we.
  • Some fragrances that been getting some attention for their ability to repel black flies are vanilla, garlic and catnip.  Try a mist (and may I suggest using vanilla on your wedding day…unless you are tying the knot with a tabby cat).
  • I have also heard through the wedding grapevine that tucking dryer sheets into your dress or tux can keep you sane.  And it makes you smell freshly laundered, which is a plus.
  • Black flies stop biting you and start looking for a window once they realize they have piggybacked their way indoors.  Mosquitos…not so much.  So run out, get married, run in.  In that order.
  • The old saying states that black flies are here from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.  Don’t believe it – come prepared all summer long so you won’t become a snack.

Let me know what works for you and maybe we can keep those happy couples smiling long enough to capture some great video. 
Kelly Cicero
Kelly Cicero Films