New Email…

Hi Everyone:
Hot day in the Mount Washington Valley today. I gave my computer and myself a break so I could hide in the basement where it is about 20 degrees cooler.

Thinking on the business alot lately. I am so glad to be able to do what I do. It has enabled me to remain creative in a professional sense and also has allowed me to be a full-time mom during the weekdays for my two young boys. Hanging with kids is one of the best things I can imagine. I laugh everyday…and appreciate those small moments that otherwise would have gone unnoticed if I were rushing around an office. I am very grateful.

If I could name a couple things about my business that have been the focus so far this year, it is has been 1.) working on the business end of things a bunch more (networking and marketing) and 2.) researching the latest in stabilization gear. For stabilization, it is a fine line between getting a very cool money shot and appearing like Robocop. I think I have found a good balance (pun intended) with a shoulder mount stabilizer by DVTec called the MultRigPro. Clickety here to check it out. Also, for reception detail shots, I am considering purchasing the DP Slider DP Slider. So many things to invest in…sigh. Can’t wait to incorporate this gear into the setup.


My New Website is Up

I am so excited to finally have this new wedding website launched.  It has probably been two years since I started thinking that I need a new, fresh presence on the web.  I chalk it off to too much shooting and not enough time for web development, I guess.

I believe the new site will be a good tool for brides to see if my company is a good fit for them.  You may need a videographer, but you definitely have to find the RIGHT videographer.  There are so many styles and personalities out there that there is the perfect fit for every bride or event planner.

Professionals capture the entire experience, not just a video.  Let me help you find the right filmmaker for your event.

Oh – and TOTALLY off topic.  Check out this video of an amazing kid with talent.

Black Fly Advice for New Hampshire Weddings

Today was the first day that I was beaten back indoors by black flies.  The sun was out, there was even a breeze, but there was no true escape from the little buggers unless you had a roof over your head.  Brides and their “to-be’s” of choice are heading up to experience the Mount Washington Valley’s natural beauty as I write, unknowingly signing off on their pound of flesh for the bugs.

Here are the rumors on repelling those which can’t really be repelled.

  • Waving a sappy pine branch over your head.  Not too practical for brides, but it is said that the smellier the branch the better.
  • DEET doesn’t work and it might actually attract black flies.  I avoid this product because it melts plastic – not good for cameras equals not good for you or your family.
  • Avoid areas that have lightly running streams…black flies hatch in running water.  Mosquitoes prefer stagnant pools.
  • Black flies prefer dark colors.  Lucky brides, unlucky grooms.  If you must wear dark, try a lighter top, darker bottoms with the cuffs tucked in (the 1980’s revisited).  The dark color below will pull the flies away from your head, their favorite spot to bite.
  • Black flies prefer nice, warm, sunny days with no wind.  So do we.
  • Some fragrances that been getting some attention for their ability to repel black flies are vanilla, garlic and catnip.  Try a mist (and may I suggest using vanilla on your wedding day…unless you are tying the knot with a tabby cat).
  • I have also heard through the wedding grapevine that tucking dryer sheets into your dress or tux can keep you sane.  And it makes you smell freshly laundered, which is a plus.
  • Black flies stop biting you and start looking for a window once they realize they have piggybacked their way indoors.  Mosquitos…not so much.  So run out, get married, run in.  In that order.
  • The old saying states that black flies are here from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.  Don’t believe it – come prepared all summer long so you won’t become a snack.

Let me know what works for you and maybe we can keep those happy couples smiling long enough to capture some great video. 
Kelly Cicero
Kelly Cicero Films