Bretton Woods has the snow…

Bretton Woods Cross Country is in fantastic shape.  I skiied the Dark Forest/Beech Hill trails today…accessed through the Eisenhower Memorial Area.  While the lodge was a blur of activity (great to see so many XC skiers), the Eisenhower area trails were quiet and covered with snow.  Groomed out nicely with tons of snow on the sides.  Really light, fluffy stuff.  Good backcountry stuff.  I am uploading the footage as I type and hopefully will have it posted for the MWV Chamber of Commerce early this week.

What I didn’t expect was an impromptu dog sled ride.  It was awesome!  The Omni Mount Washington Resort has done a great job providing their guests (and others) a myriad of activities from which to choose.  It is run by Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel.  My musher was Chase Tingle, obvious dog lover and talented sled guide.  We cruised!  I thought I would be cold but to tell you the truth, I was quite toasty.  They provide a sleeping bag for you to sit in…I didn’t even notice the cold.  No lie.  I will be posted video clips to my Exposure Room site this week.  If you get the chance…this is a must-do activity.  Handy tip – you don’t have to be a resort guest to enjoy a ride.