New Snow, New Edits for Kelly Cicero Films

I was able to sneak out and hit the trails today to continue my coverage of the cross country areas for the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. A great late morning ski at Bear Notch Ski Touring Center in Bartlett, NH.  Trails were in excellent condition – one couldn’t tell that the Valley hadn’t received snow in a month.  I hit the waterfall trail again as well as heading up the hill on trail #2…more confident in my uphill abilities sans pulk and small child.  The snow was sticky, which for me, was perfect.  Uphills were tackled without the herringbone and filming downhill while skiing was less hairy.  The Mount Washington Valley Ski Touring and Snowshoe Foundation (Whitaker Woods area) were waiting to groom some corduroy and lay track on their trail system until more snow had fallen (the word from them as of 11AM this morning).

I had the pleasure to meet some great people in the lodge (names to go unmentioned due to extreme stardom), up on vacation from Massachusetts.  They brought some beautiful snow and some welcomed cheer to the area.  Thanks for sharing your stories with me.  I hope to see you all on the trails again.  And by the way, the chicken noodle soup cooked up by Bear Notch was absolutely amazing!  No joke.  If you like thick noodles…it is worth the trip alone just to get the soup.

Later in the day, the weather turned a bit wetter in the lower elevations.  The upper elevations should be fine.  The next few days are supposed to be white again…keep your fingers crossed.  I’ve more skiing to do!

Kelly Cicero
Kelly Cicero Films

More work on the burners…Crisite and Patrick’s wedding/DaCapo Concert/Purity Spring Resort Events/Muddy Paws Dogsledding Adventure at Omni Mount Washington Hotel and Bretton Woods.  Phew.  Filming Norma and Wally’s wedding this weekend up in Jackson.  Psyched!  There should be some incredible winter wedding shots to be captured.  Stay posted.


Snow and Singing…

I will be at the editing station today so if you need to get in touch, just leave a message and I will get back to you when I extricate myself from the computer.  Lots of snow footage and some singing footage (not my voice, thank goodness).  603-662-8451 or

Kelly Cicero

Bretton Woods has the snow…

Bretton Woods Cross Country is in fantastic shape.  I skiied the Dark Forest/Beech Hill trails today…accessed through the Eisenhower Memorial Area.  While the lodge was a blur of activity (great to see so many XC skiers), the Eisenhower area trails were quiet and covered with snow.  Groomed out nicely with tons of snow on the sides.  Really light, fluffy stuff.  Good backcountry stuff.  I am uploading the footage as I type and hopefully will have it posted for the MWV Chamber of Commerce early this week.

What I didn’t expect was an impromptu dog sled ride.  It was awesome!  The Omni Mount Washington Resort has done a great job providing their guests (and others) a myriad of activities from which to choose.  It is run by Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel.  My musher was Chase Tingle, obvious dog lover and talented sled guide.  We cruised!  I thought I would be cold but to tell you the truth, I was quite toasty.  They provide a sleeping bag for you to sit in…I didn’t even notice the cold.  No lie.  I will be posted video clips to my Exposure Room site this week.  If you get the chance…this is a must-do activity.  Handy tip – you don’t have to be a resort guest to enjoy a ride.

Conditions are good…not even “considering” the drought

I made it to Whitaker Woods (Mount Washington Valley Ski Touring), King Pine XC, Great Glen Trails, Bear Notch Ski Touring and Jackson Ski Touring over the last couple days.  Each was a quick visit, but I was there long enough to tell you that you should strap on your cross country skis and get out there.  Yes – it is cold.  Yes – we had a wind storm a couple weeks ago.  Nonetheless, the trails are very nice and there are a ton of folks out there enjoying it.  Groomers have been chopping up the fallen debris and it is being mixed in each day.  Deep tracks help those classic skiers to really push.  I still fall but I blame it on the large video camera-bearing backpack shifting around.  Yup.

Don’t forget your thermos of hot chocolate and a Balance Bar.  And by the way, just because you have small kids, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate in cold weather.  Many of the cross country resorts rent pulks (kid sleds with a rigid harness that you pull behind you) that keep those babies warm.  Great Glen, Jackson XC, Bretton Woods XC and Bear Notch all rent pulks.  To tell you the truth, 2 out of the last 3 times I have used one, my kids have fallen asleep during the ride.  Quiet. For. Just. A. Bit.

While up at Great Glen Trails (you will love the scenery, it is just amazing – no joke), get a seat on the SnowCoach.  It’s warm, comfortable and you get a trip to above treeline on Mount Washington (weather permitting).  You can bring the kids on this too – they let you strap your kid seat in.  It is first-come, first-serve and they have been selling out.  No reservations.  You’ll get the next available seat on the next SnowCoach.  And bring your camera!  Not everyone gets to do this ride, so take advantage.  You won’t regret it.   Get up to Pinkham Notch, buy your SnowCoach ticket then go enjoy some time on their fresh tubing hill.  They made snow on it this week.

King Pine Cross Country Ski Reserve will be freshly grooming out their XC trail network tomorrow (Sunday) with corduroy and tracks.  Purity Lake is in great shape and my family had a great time out there straight out the door from “the Mill” area.  They have even cleared out a small section for ice skaters who love the outdoor pond skating experience.  Bring sticks and a puck.  The covered skating rink, “Tohko Dome” is open too and is kept smooth by a Zamboni.  Free skating with the purchase of a downhill ski ticket.

While at Jackson Ski Touring, I had the pleasure of watching the Friday Gliders in action.  They are a great group of mainly season pass holders (although you can buy in as a day pass holder) who get together every week to ski together.  They get tips, apres ski massages and food in the Jackson XC base lodge.  There is something about Jackson…it is so well maintained.  They also have welcomed Gorham Bike & Ski into their base lodge to show off their latest wares and services.  Looked like some good stuff although I didn’t linger long.  I was on a mission!

Bear Notch Ski Touring is a gem located in the town of Bartlett.  Owned and maintained by the trio of Garland brothers (and more!), these folks have done a great job keeping their system in fantastic condition despite our drought of snow in New Hampshire.  Their snow bridges are up and you can get pix of a beautiful waterfall one minute from the base lodge.  Keep it flat in the meadow or start up the hill for a challenge.  Pulks are available for rent here.  Stop in at the house on the right as you first pull in the the parking lot if you need skis, snowshoes or pulk.  You can also pick up tickets there too.  If you need lesssons, Sandra Iacozelli will get you flying in no time at all.

Mount Washington Valley Ski Touring grooms out Whitaker Woods and the Intervale fields behind the 1785 Inn (and beyond).   Eat at the 1785!  I had one of the most delicious dinners I’ve ever eaten there.  Whitaker Woods is conveniently located right behind John Fuller School in North Conway.  If you need rentals, Ragged Mountain Equipment in Intervale (same parking lot as Scarecrow Pub) is the go-to place.  You can also access trails from there.  This is considered the base for this trail system.  You can also rent snowshoes if you don’t feel like skiing.  Check out their incredibly affordable rates here.

See you at Bretton Woods Cross Country tomorrow!

On a business note – 2010 weddings are now booking.  Kelly Cicero Films is now on Facebook too.  Call and we’ll chat…603-662-8451.

Heading out into the Cold…

Traveling to a couple cross country areas (Mount Washington Valley Ski Touring and maybe Jackson XC, maybe Bear Notch Ski Touring?) this morning to grab some broll for the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce.  It is very cold so Evan and I will be bundled up.  It will be Evan’s first time on cross country skis.  He is three…and we found them at Bob & Terry’s Sports Outlet for less money than online.  If you see us, stop and say, “Hi”.  At Jackson Ski Touring, they have a warming hut about 1 1/2 KM on the Ellis River Trail so don’t miss the opportunity to grab some hot cocoa and warm up the digits.    See you there!

2010 is on!

So excited to see the lineup for the wedding season 2010.  Some of my favorite venues are on the list.  First up, a snowy February wedding in Jackson, New Hampshire.  Covered bridges, waterfalls – awesome!  Classic New England beauty.  The bride is great – so easy to speak with.  I can’t wait to see their ceremony in the Jackson Community Church.  A small and intimate space should lend itself perfectly to this celebration.

Coffee at the Met went fantastic with Jenn and Darren, and Meg Simone – good friend and fellow videographer.  Meg has been doing some great work lately and just returned from an IN[FOCUS] event in Austin, TX.  I wish I could have gone with her!  But you can relive her experience through her blog, sans the warm chocolate chip cookie.  Good job, Meg.  She is quite the savvy business woman and life go-getter.

Jenn and Darren have a wonderful celebration planned at the Castle in the Clouds.  A destination wedding favorite!  This place is incredible…check it out here.  Best wishes to Jenn and Darren on their upcoming nuptials this summer.  They have chosen their venue wisely.   Beautiful scenary and an incredible Castle staff.  This venue would offer a logistical challenge for some, but their more than capable Jessica and crew has it down to a science.  I have seen this staff bend over backwards to achieve the seemingly impossible for their wedding couples.

Creating a Fan Page in Facebook.

I am continuing my education in business and videography through a series of webinars created by Matt Davis from Video Business Coaching.  I am learning so much and am excited about what it will mean for my business.  I have always felt that video has received a bad reputation from the “cheesy” videos that are out there.  A wedding video doesn’t have to be like that.  In an effort to support a different perception, I am going to change my blog to Kelly Cicero Films – soon.  Bed first…kids tomorrow…hockey, then blog, tomorrow night.  In that order.  Stay tuned!

Kelly Cicero Films

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