My first impressions of the Canon Rebel T3i…

I put this new purchase through non-essential motions yesterday as a third angle camera at a wedding at Church Landing in NH. I enjoyed having a smaller camera but geez…it just isn’t the best video camera. It made me look longingly back at my other two dedicated video cameras that were doing their job on tripods. I will be able to use the footage for sure, but a stabilizer device is definitely needed for future gigs. The still pictures rock from this thing though. Such an improvement over my little point and shoot. The problem now? Deciding which lens to purchase next…I feel an addiction coming on.

And don’t forget the dads this week…Happy Father’s Day!


And extra post for good luck…

Since I’ve been absent from the blog front for ummmm…2 years?!? Crazy. But here is what I’ve been immersed in for the last month. Boys, baseball, and a road trip to a fun family wedding. Congrats Brandon and Erica!

June is here!

I’m looking forward to an elegant wedding affair with Signature Events and Amy Piper area this weekend. I cannot emphasize the importance of having a great wedding planner. She (or maybe he) knows the ins and outs of planning a wedding and is well worth the money. Figure out how much time it would take you yourself to do all the tasks, how much you would pay yourself per hour and calculate the cost, not to mention the stress. Then do yourself a favor and call a wedding planner! Even if you have great personal style, your planner can incorporate all those personal touches and wrangle all your vendors too.

Forecast says rain….fingers crossed for sun for this wedding weekend!

New Email…

Hi Everyone:
Hot day in the Mount Washington Valley today. I gave my computer and myself a break so I could hide in the basement where it is about 20 degrees cooler.

Thinking on the business alot lately. I am so glad to be able to do what I do. It has enabled me to remain creative in a professional sense and also has allowed me to be a full-time mom during the weekdays for my two young boys. Hanging with kids is one of the best things I can imagine. I laugh everyday…and appreciate those small moments that otherwise would have gone unnoticed if I were rushing around an office. I am very grateful.

If I could name a couple things about my business that have been the focus so far this year, it is has been 1.) working on the business end of things a bunch more (networking and marketing) and 2.) researching the latest in stabilization gear. For stabilization, it is a fine line between getting a very cool money shot and appearing like Robocop. I think I have found a good balance (pun intended) with a shoulder mount stabilizer by DVTec called the MultRigPro. Clickety here to check it out. Also, for reception detail shots, I am considering purchasing the DP Slider DP Slider. So many things to invest in…sigh. Can’t wait to incorporate this gear into the setup.

My New Website is Up

I am so excited to finally have this new wedding website launched.  It has probably been two years since I started thinking that I need a new, fresh presence on the web.  I chalk it off to too much shooting and not enough time for web development, I guess.

I believe the new site will be a good tool for brides to see if my company is a good fit for them.  You may need a videographer, but you definitely have to find the RIGHT videographer.  There are so many styles and personalities out there that there is the perfect fit for every bride or event planner.

Professionals capture the entire experience, not just a video.  Let me help you find the right filmmaker for your event.

Oh – and TOTALLY off topic.  Check out this video of an amazing kid with talent.

Black Fly Advice for New Hampshire Weddings

Today was the first day that I was beaten back indoors by black flies.  The sun was out, there was even a breeze, but there was no true escape from the little buggers unless you had a roof over your head.  Brides and their “to-be’s” of choice are heading up to experience the Mount Washington Valley’s natural beauty as I write, unknowingly signing off on their pound of flesh for the bugs.

Here are the rumors on repelling those which can’t really be repelled.

  • Waving a sappy pine branch over your head.  Not too practical for brides, but it is said that the smellier the branch the better.
  • DEET doesn’t work and it might actually attract black flies.  I avoid this product because it melts plastic – not good for cameras equals not good for you or your family.
  • Avoid areas that have lightly running streams…black flies hatch in running water.  Mosquitoes prefer stagnant pools.
  • Black flies prefer dark colors.  Lucky brides, unlucky grooms.  If you must wear dark, try a lighter top, darker bottoms with the cuffs tucked in (the 1980’s revisited).  The dark color below will pull the flies away from your head, their favorite spot to bite.
  • Black flies prefer nice, warm, sunny days with no wind.  So do we.
  • Some fragrances that been getting some attention for their ability to repel black flies are vanilla, garlic and catnip.  Try a mist (and may I suggest using vanilla on your wedding day…unless you are tying the knot with a tabby cat).
  • I have also heard through the wedding grapevine that tucking dryer sheets into your dress or tux can keep you sane.  And it makes you smell freshly laundered, which is a plus.
  • Black flies stop biting you and start looking for a window once they realize they have piggybacked their way indoors.  Mosquitos…not so much.  So run out, get married, run in.  In that order.
  • The old saying states that black flies are here from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.  Don’t believe it – come prepared all summer long so you won’t become a snack.

Let me know what works for you and maybe we can keep those happy couples smiling long enough to capture some great video. 
Kelly Cicero
Kelly Cicero Films

Weddings – a time to remember.

It’s the season of new beginnings as we slide into spring and summer.  Time for a wedding!  Couples, well okay…mostly the brides…have spent the winter months flipping through the glossy bridal magazines, jotting down notes, paring the budget and ugh…wrestling with the seating chart.   When you have spent so much time thinking, planning and acting on those ideas – why would you let those memories evaporate over time?  By hiring the right professional wedding filmmaker, you are giving yourself the best chance to capture those moments forever.  If you think a wedding film is not your style, then let me ask you this.  What it would mean for you to find your parent’s wedding film tucked in an old trunk.  The vows, the kiss and of course, the dancing.  What would you hope to see or hear?  Your mom laughing as she swung on the arm of your dad when he was 25 years old?  To be reminded of your family…and to help you to re-embrace it – what would that be worth to you?  A simple call and a conversation?  So call and let’s chat about having your wedding captured the way you want it.  A reflection of you, those people that you hold dear and all those countless hours of nailing down just the right details.   Tell me what means the most to you.

Talk to you soon,
Kelly Cicero
Kelly Cicero Films

Bretton Woods XC is still kicking…

The family and I headed up to cross country ski Bretton Woods today.  I am feeling spring down here in the Valley, but up in the Notches, it is still winter.  Today’s Nordic Marathon attracted a huge number of skiers from all around New England and the country.  Reports were that the conditions were slower than last year, firm on the fields, soft in the woods.  After the race, we hit the Eisenhower area again to great success.  Dark Forest had complete coverage on the trails…off trail it was more than pole-length deep!

On the way down, we kept a lookout for the numerous ice climbers in the area hitting the nice looking ice on the sides of Rte 302 in the Notch.  Word has it that our good friend, Kevin Mahoney, was up on the ice somewhere there.  If you are interested in trying ice climbing, give Kevin from Mahoney Alpine Adventures a ring.  I would trust him to take my kids ice climbing…and if you know me…that says a lot.

Huge congratulations go out to the Kennett Girls Basketball and the Kennett Boys Hockey.  Two state championships in the last two days.  Amazing.  Great job, kids.

Enjoy the last days of winter and don’t forget to “spring ahead” tonight for daylight savings.  Check our RSN TV16 tomorrow for the live show – more Watch ‘n’ Win to be had!   Free tickets for spring skiing can’t be beat.  We will start to blow those out now that the days are numbered.  Become a friend of RSN on Facebook and you have even more ways to win.

New Snow, New Edits for Kelly Cicero Films

I was able to sneak out and hit the trails today to continue my coverage of the cross country areas for the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. A great late morning ski at Bear Notch Ski Touring Center in Bartlett, NH.  Trails were in excellent condition – one couldn’t tell that the Valley hadn’t received snow in a month.  I hit the waterfall trail again as well as heading up the hill on trail #2…more confident in my uphill abilities sans pulk and small child.  The snow was sticky, which for me, was perfect.  Uphills were tackled without the herringbone and filming downhill while skiing was less hairy.  The Mount Washington Valley Ski Touring and Snowshoe Foundation (Whitaker Woods area) were waiting to groom some corduroy and lay track on their trail system until more snow had fallen (the word from them as of 11AM this morning).

I had the pleasure to meet some great people in the lodge (names to go unmentioned due to extreme stardom), up on vacation from Massachusetts.  They brought some beautiful snow and some welcomed cheer to the area.  Thanks for sharing your stories with me.  I hope to see you all on the trails again.  And by the way, the chicken noodle soup cooked up by Bear Notch was absolutely amazing!  No joke.  If you like thick noodles…it is worth the trip alone just to get the soup.

Later in the day, the weather turned a bit wetter in the lower elevations.  The upper elevations should be fine.  The next few days are supposed to be white again…keep your fingers crossed.  I’ve more skiing to do!

Kelly Cicero
Kelly Cicero Films

More work on the burners…Crisite and Patrick’s wedding/DaCapo Concert/Purity Spring Resort Events/Muddy Paws Dogsledding Adventure at Omni Mount Washington Hotel and Bretton Woods.  Phew.  Filming Norma and Wally’s wedding this weekend up in Jackson.  Psyched!  There should be some incredible winter wedding shots to be captured.  Stay posted.

Snow and Singing…

I will be at the editing station today so if you need to get in touch, just leave a message and I will get back to you when I extricate myself from the computer.  Lots of snow footage and some singing footage (not my voice, thank goodness).  603-662-8451 or

Kelly Cicero